Devops Engineer

You will work as part of the Devops team at Sonetel India office in Hyderabad. You must have a passion for devops and be able to see yourself as a bridge between development and operations. You will be thrown challenges to automate the build-test-deployment of mission critical applications across cloud and non-cloud infrastructure.

You must have 5+ years of overall experience in writing code to automate infrastructure and must be able to work independently as an individual contributor.

You must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree (BS or equivalent) in Computer Science Engineering
  • 5+ years’ experience running mission critical, production systems in varied deployment environments
  • Experience working with cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace Or Co-located data centers
  • Using Puppet as an automation tool and strong knowledge of testing processes and the mechanisms to automate and vet deployments
  • Comfortable programming in either Python or Ruby or Shell, and conversant enough to work in other programming environments
  • Strong experience using Agile Release Management Tools such as Jenkins, Go, Fabric, Cobbler, PXE, or similar
  • Strong Linux system administration skills
  • Experience with deployment patterns related to Github, JVM, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop

What you will do:

  • Responsible for our continuous deployment build-out and manage our deploy tools
  • Manage the build system, artifact repository and dependency management tools
  • Support our metrics/monitoring instrumentation system and build new reports/graphs
  • Responsible for all log collection and analysis using tools and frameworks
  • Manage test environments and VMs
  • Write scripts to automate deployment, scaling and testing of our applications
  • Implement tools to monitor uptime and performance of our applications
  • Implement tools for continuous integration and testing our applications
  • Respond to any issues with live systems and troubleshoot any performance issues
  • Following continuous integration principles and use of Github Revision Control system
  • Contribute expertise in specific technical areas to the team as a whole

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