Sell more by being more available

A free forever solution that helps you increase sales and save time.

Your customers can ask questions via a free chat function at your website or with Facebook Messenger via your Facebook page.

Your team members can use the free Sonetel apps to handle questions while on the go. Our Artificial Intelligence module suggests answers that they can forward to the customer with a click - which saves time.

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Sell more

Making your company look professional and approachable for questions from customers - increases your sales.

Save time

Our Artificial Intelligence module assists your customer service team by suggesting answers that they can forward to the customer.

Get structured

All your customer communication and contact information becomes accessible and searchable teamwide.


Free chat widget for your website

Get a free chat widget for your website that allows visitors to ask questions, and rate the service given by your team.

Connect Facebook Messenger

Connect your Facebook page to Sonetel and allow customers to use Facebook messenger to ask questions to your team.

Free mobile apps for the team

Our Android and iPhone apps allow your team to handle customer questions while on the go.

Free conference calls and group chat

Customers can be invited as guests to Conference calls and group chat -without the need for them to have a Sonetel account.


Free forever

The service is free forever for unlimited users.

There are optional add on-services, such as call forwarding, additional phone numbers, and data storage above the free quota.

Premium gives you access to older customer chat history, more data storage and free calls - among other things.

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Mobile apps for team FREE FREE
Artificial Intelligence solution FREE FREE
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