iPhone App

What does it cost?

Making international business calls with the Sonetel iPhone app costs like making local calls. Prices are generally lower than consumer services – although our service has business quality.

When you use our  iPhone app to call, it sets up two local calls; One local call in your country between your phone and Sonetel, and one local call in the country you are calling to.
The two calls are bridged together automatically in Sonetel’s system.

  • Call back.
    If you call with the call mode Call back, Sonetel will charge you for both the local calls.
  • Call thru.
    If you instead call with the call mode Call thru, you will pay your mobile carrier for the local call in your country, and Sonetel for the other call.
    In case you have a plan with your local phone company, allowing you to make free calls within your country, this means that you only need to pay Sonetel for the local call in the country called – if using Call thru.

Please note that Sonetel Premium makes calls to over 40 countries free.

You will see the per minute cost for making the call in the app when entering a number or looking at a contact.
If you use Call thru, please note that your mobile provider may charge you for the local call to Sonetel in your country.