An exciting year ahead


Sonetel was last year listed at Nasdaq First North Stockholm and recognized by Deloitte – for the 2nd year in a row – as one of Europe’s fastest growing companies. The foundation is now being built to ensure that 2018 becomes an even more successful year.

With the funds received from almost 2 000 new shareholders last year, we are now preparing the biggest leap in Sonetel’s history.

We will continue being the global leader in providing local phone numbers worldwide – with global call forwarding – to small businesses, but additionally it is now time for us to return to our roots. Our original vision was to provide a solution to small businesses worldwide, allowing them to handle their incoming customer communication with text, voice and video – for free.

This vision is now finally coming to life.


Level up the existing business

There are several functions that customers have asked for since many years, that we have been prevented from adding due to resource constraints.

After going public last year we finally have the resources needed.

Call recording has already been done, but there is a wide range of additional functions that are being implemented as well:

  • SMS.
    Send and receive SMS with Sonetel numbers.
  • Transcription.
    Transcribe call recordings to text.
  • Call rules.
    Create rules for forwarding calls to different destinations based on time of day, day in week or country of caller.
  • Text to speech.
    Create voice messages in Voice apps with the use of Text-to-speech.
  • Call center.
    Free call center functionality – with ability to queue calls aimed at different groups of people.
  • New mobile apps.
    New apps will allow free voice and video calls to be made with Android and iPhone and regular web browsers.

We will additionally update our Premium plan, so that each Premium user will have a free phone number included in the plan.

All these changes are planned to be rolled out during the coming year.


Our new business

Our new services can be described as Free AI-assisted customer service for small businesses.

A small business anywhere worldwide will with our service get an instant solution for handling all incoming text and voice communication from prospects and customers – for free.

The solution will contain the following main components:

  1. Widget.
    A free widget for your web site – allowing visitors to your web site to start chat with your team or have voice and video calls.
  2. Apps.
    Free apps for your employees will allow them to respond to calls and chat from your customers and prospects – wherever they are.
  3. Back-end.
    Our back-end solution, with Artificial Intelligence, will act as co-pilot for your team and suggest answers to your employees whenever they receive questions from your prospects – thus saving time and driving sales. No training or configuration needed. Works out of the box. Delivers suggested answers specific to your business.

The entire solution will be free forever including the Artificial Intelligence function, but there will be paid plans available for those that want more.

In addition to the above we will also provide free collaboration functions for teams as an integral part of the solution.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to launch.

Henrik Thomé
CEO & Founder




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