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Get unique blog articles for your business website. Increase traffic and sales.

Based on your website

The AI Blog Writer first reads your website and learns about your business.

It then suggests titles for blog articles that are expected to drive visitors to your website from the search engines.

Simply click on one or more of the titles to get a unique blog article written.

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Blog articles that help you sell

The blog articles are about topics that your prospective customers are searching about.

The texts are engaging and help educate the reader.

Information about your company is woven into the article in a subtle way.

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Rewritten in seconds

If there is something you want to change in the blog article, simply provide feedback and get the article rewritten instantly.

You can add, remove or change content. You can change the tone of the article or whatever you prefer.

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Easy publishing

Use the Copy button to get the articles as text or HTML. Simply paste the article into your website.

We suggest that you add some images, that you can get free from Unsplash or Pexels. It is also recommended that you link some words in the article to some external site, such as Wikipedia, and also have a link to some other page at your website.

Having images and links helps you get more traffic from the search engines.


From $9.95 per month

You can try the service for free and generate up to 20 free articles.

With Premium for $9.95 per month you to generate up to 20 articles per month.

With the Business plan for $29.95 per month you can generate up to 100 articles per month.


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