Customer Chat Solution

See information about the customer

When communicating with a customer or prospect, it is useful to get a “full picture” of that person. Have they been in contact with us before? What web pages did they visit? Where are they located? You can also update the customer profile with name and other details – and add personal notes.

To access this information, click on the Information icon shown above the Conversation

In the Web app, click on this symbol – when having a Conversation in view.

You will then get a menu with these options.

You will see the city and country of the customer, and can select these options:

  • Profile
    Allows you to add additional info about the customer, such as name, company, email etc.
  • Recent events
    Shows what pages the customer has visited at your web site (if they have used web chat) and other events.
  • Past conversations
    Shows all Conversations the Customer has had earlier with anyone in your company.
  • Internal notes
    Allows you to see all the internal notes in the conversation.



The profile contains information about the location of the customer (based on their IP address when available) and all other information that has been gathered.

You can add information – such as name email etc. – by clicking on the Edit symbol.

When in Edit mode you can replace the “Stockholm lead” text with a proper name.

If you enter a Company name you can either select from existing customer companies or define a new one.


Recent events

It can be very useful to see what the prospect or customer has done in the past. This is available under Recent events.

Each event can be clicked for further details.


Past conversations

This option allows you to see all conversations the customer has had with anyone in your company.

There is also an option to see a merged view of all historical conversations with the customer.


Internal notes

You can see all the internal notes posted by you and other team members in the conversation here.