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Capture email addresses of leads

Capture leads by presenting a non-intrusive popup to your customers at your web site.

To use this function, you need to have the Sonetel Business Messenger installed at your website.



You can activate the feature by clicking on the settings icon (bottom left) in the web app, and then selecting Company Settings -> Customer service -> Capture email

There are different options for when to ask the visitor for an email address:

  • Never.
    We will not ask visitors for an email address.
  • Immediately
    The visitor is asked for their email as soon as they arrive at your web site. Probably not a good idea as it would be rather pushy.
  • After 45 seconds
    Shown after the visitor has been on the same page 45 seconds. 
  • On page leave
    Shown when the user moves their mouse outside the browser area.
  • When user scroll down
    Shown when visitor has scrolled down 80% of the page.

Secondly, select how many times we should ask for email.

  • Once
  • Until provided

Thirdly – select what to offer the visitor in exchange for their email.

  • News
  • Promotional offers
  • News & Promotional offers
  • Free consultation
  • Custom
    Allows you to enter any text you want to have shown.

Captured email addresses are delivered as notifications in the app to you.