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Twitter DM

Allow your customers to get in touch with you via direct messages on Twitter. By connecting your Twitter account to Sonetel, your team can handle all incoming customer questions from different sources, in a single app – with the support of our Artificial Intelligence – for free.

To connect Twitter to Sonetel start the web app and click on settings at the bottom left. Then go to Company settings -> Customer Service -> Twitter

Follow these steps to connect one or more of your Twitter accounts to Sonetel

  1. Click +
    Click on the + button
  2. Authenticate yourself
    You will be asked to authenticate yourself at Twitter and allow us access.

Once you have added a Twitter account it will appear in the list. Direct messages sent to your account can now be handled via Sonetel.

You can connect one Twitter account for free if you are on our Business plan – additional connections are charged at $25 per month. Customers on the regular plan are charged $25 per month for each Twitter connection.

At the moment, you will only receive direct messages sent to your Twitter account. Tweets where you are mentioned cannot be handled via Sonetel for now.

Each entry in the list shows the Twitter account and the customer service team that questions will go to.

Click on the 3 vertical dots to change the settings for an account.

  • Connect with team
    By default – all questions are available to everyone in your company. You can select another Customer service team for handling questions coming via this account.
  • Delete account
    Removes the connection between Sonetel and Twitter. Customer questions at your Twitter account will no longer reach Sonetel.


Allow direct messages from your customers

You need to allow direct messages from everyone on Twitter otherwise your customers may not be able to get in touch with you.

To do this, sign in to your Twitter account and go to Settings and Privacy -> Privacy and Safety -> Direct Messages and allow “Receive messages from anyone

Incoming questions

Incoming questions that come via Direct Messages to your Twitter account will appear in the Customer service inbox, and can be answered in the same way as other incoming questions – with the assistance of our Artificial Intelligence – for free.

You will be able to see which questions that come from which Twitter account.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I connect multiple Twitter accounts?
    Yes, if your company has multiple Twitter accounts you can connect all of them to Sonetel.
  2. Do I need to pay for this?
    If you are on the Business plan, then you can connect one Twitter account for free. For every additional account, you will be charged $25 per account every month.
  3. Someone tweeted to me and I didn’t get it in my Sonetel inbox.
    At the moment you will only receive direct messages in your Sonetel accounts. We are working on getting tweets into your Sonetel inbox as well, but that will take some time.