Personal settings

Manage your availability

You can make yourself available or unavailable in two different ways; by changing your personal setting – and by selectively making yourself available for customer questions in specific customer service teams.


Personal availability

Your personal availability is shown to all other team members as  a dot on your photo – showing if you are Available or Away.

In the web app you can change your availability by clicking on the settings icon bottom left. The option for changing availability is shown in the menu that appears.

In the Android and iPhone app, you find the option in the Settings menu (far right option in bottom menu).


Availability in customer service

Your personal availability acts as a “main switch” for your availability in Customer service as well. If you are “Away”, you will not be notified when there are new customer questions in any customer service team that you may be part of.

In addition, you can make yourself available selectively in each customer service Team that you are a member of (Billing, Sales, Support or whatever) in your personal settings.

In the web app you find your personal settings by clicking on your photo bottom left on screen, and then selecting My settings.

In the Android and iPhone app, you find the personal setting options in the settings menu (far right option in bottom menu).