AI Services

AI Suggested Answers

When you use our  omni channel customer service feature, you get suggested answers from our AI whenever handling incoming customer questions.

Customers can ask questions to your business via the Business messenger at your website or via your Facebook page. Regardless of how the questions come in, you will get suggested answers from our AI.

This makes it easier to handle customer inquiries while on the go.


How are the AI Suggested Answers generated?

The suggested answers are based on a number of different sources:

  • Standard phrases
    Our AI identifies common turns of dialogue, and suggests welcome messages, goodbye messages and similar.
  • Chat history
    Our AI learns from your customer dialogue and gets better the more you use it.
  • Uploaded FAQ
    You can manually help the AI by uploading training material in the shape of common questions and answers.


What does it cost?

You  need to have Premium or Business to use our Customer service solution. Prices start from $9.95 per user and month.