Customer service

How can I configure the web site chat?

After installing the free customer chat function at your web site, you may want to configure it to your liking.

To configure the look, feel and behaviour of the chat widget on your web site, start the web app and click on the settings icon bottom right. Then go to Company Settings -> Customer Service -> Website chat

Conversation settings

The conversation settings allow you to define what team that should receive the customer questions, and how the conversations should be distributed to the Team members.

You find these settings under Company settings -> Customer Service -> Website chat

Select which team that should handle the incoming conversations from the chat widget.

The default is “Entire team”, which means everyone in your company.

You can create other teams for “Support” or “Billing” or whatever you want – at the Teams page



After adding the chat code to your web site, there is nothing more you really need to do.
If you want to change the way it behaves however, there are several options available.

You find these settings under Account settings -> Customer Service – >Website chat



When should it be shown?

Select when the chat widget should be shown.

  • Show website chat
    A main switch for showing or not showing chat at your website.
  • During Business hours.
    You can define your business hours under your company profile.
  • Always.
    The widget is shown at all times.

Additionally you can chose to have the widget hidden automatically whenever all Team members are unavailable.

A Team member can make themselves unavailable in two different ways: Either by changing their personal presence to “Away” or by making themselves unavailable in the Customer Service team. They need to be available in both to be seen as available for new conversations.
Visitors at your web site that already have the chat widget visible will continue seeing it – even after it becomes hidden for new visitors – until they move to another page.


Set expectations

Set the right expectations for how fast responses the visitor can expect a response from your team normally. If you usually respond within 10 minutes, then select that. The value selected will be shown in the chat widget for the visitor.


Welcome message

Should there be a proactive welcome message shown to visitors?

The options are:

  • Send welcome message
    Activate this option if you want the chat widget to proactively ask visitors if they have any questions.
  • After a delay of.
    Select how long a visitor should stay at the same page, before the welcome message is shown. 30 seconds is recommended.
  • Text to be shown
    Enter the text that you want to be shown to the visitor, such as “Hi. Is there something we can help you with?”
  • Add language.
    If you want to define other welcome messages in other languages – dependent on the language preference in the visitor’s browser.
If you provide a welcome message in the language of the website, then that is shown to your website visitors. If you have not provided a message, then the default message translated to the language of the website is shown. If that is also not possible, then our system will show the default welcome message in English.

Ask for feedback (CSAT)

Do you want to ask the visitor for feedback at the end of the conversation?

When this option is ON, customers will be asked to provide feedback in the chat widget, after your team member Closes the conversation.

The feedback form allows the customer to rate the service with 1 to 5 stars, and additionally enter some free text feedback.

You can view the performance of your team, and the individual comments made in the Insights page.


Ask for email

Do you want to offer visitors to leave their email or mobile number – if they can’t wait?

If this option is activated, visitors will be shown an option to enter their email address or mobile number – to be notified when their is an answer from the team.

This option is displayed after 2 seconds – when no team members are available – and after 10 seconds when team members are available.

Visitor’s that leave their email or SMS will be notified by Sonetel by email or by SMS when an answer is posted by anyone in your team. The notification will include a link back to the Conversation in the web widget at your web site – allowing the visitor to return and continue the dialogue.


Copy of chat

Do you want to offer visitors to get a transcript of the chat conversation?

If this option is activated, customers will get an offer to get a copy of the chat conversation to the email address of their preference. The offer is shown after the Team member has closed the conversation.

The email with the copy of the chat will also contain a link back to the conversation, allowing the customer to return to the conversation – at your web site – whenever they want in the future.



If you want to change the way the chat widget looks or where it is placed – go to Manage company -> Customer Service – >Website chat -> Appearance


Configure the color and placement of the chat widget.

  • Color
    Select what color you want the widget to have. Pick one of your brand colors.
  • Widget position.
    Where on your web site should it appear? Bottom right, bottom left, top right or top left?
  • Show Sonetel brand
    Uncheck this to remove the “POWERED BY SONETEL” watermark. You have to be a Premium customer to be able to remove it.
  • Show customer service profile photos.
    Having this selected means that you web site visitors can see the photos of the team members they chat with.