Getting started

How does it work?

When you sign up, we create a free account for you, and give you up to two test phone numbers for a free test drive. The account is free forever, but if you want to keep the numbers you have to pay for them after the trial.

In your account you can have as many phone numbers as you wish, anywhere in the world. Calls to your international phone numbers can be forwarded to any destination worldwide at the cost of a local call.

Phone numbers have a monthly fee plus a per-minute cost for receiving and forwarding incoming calls to your mobile or any other destination.

You can also create Voice apps – or Voice response – in order to give an even more professional impression to those calling you. There is no monthly cost for having voice apps – only a small fee per usage.

You can create Conference rooms and invite anyone to call in via a local phone number.


If you only want to use the Sonetel service for making international calls at the cost of local calls – then you do not need to have any phone number at all. Just download the Android or iPhone app and start calling.

You can connect all your employees worldwide to the service by adding them as Users in your account.  This means that you more easily can forward incoming calls to them and that they get a Sonetel voicemail box. They can also use our apps to make international calls. There is no cost for adding Users in your account.

Premium is an optional subscription that is charged per User in your account. It removes the charges for incoming calls in most cases, makes the use for Voice apps free and makes call forwarding and calling to over 40 countries free.

All charges for phone numbers, Premium and calls are deducted from your Sonetel prepaid account – so make sure that it has a positive balance or else the service will stop. You can refill it with a Credit Card, PayPal and a couple of other options.