Getting started

Start handling customer questions via chat

If you want to use our service for your customer service, we suggest you follow these steps.

  • Sign in
    Sign in
  • Go to the Get started guide
    Click on the Get started with Sonetel icon on the left side.
  • Use the check list
    This will show you a check list of things we suggest you do.

Here are the steps we suggest you take to get up and running in a few minutes.

  • Add company logo
    The logo will be shown at your web site in the Sonetel chat function. Add it here.
  • Add your profile photo
    Your photo is shown to customers when you handle customer questions. It is also nice for your team members to see your photo when chatting with you. You can add it here.
  • Invite team members
    Invite your team so that they can handle customer questions and use the team conversation functions. It is free and just takes a few seconds. Do it here.
  • Setup customer service
    Add the chat function to your website or use some other integration. Do it here.

Creating a team is not really necessary, as your entire team will handle customer questions by default.

Here’s a quick overview of the functionality: