What are the benefits?

Free calls. Free phone number. Unlimited chat history. VIP treatment by customer service.


  1. Free calls worth $30
    Free calls worth $30 per month for each user in your account.
  2. Discount on all other calls
    40% discount on calls and call forwarding. 20% discount on incoming calls to toll-free numbers.
  3. Free phone numbers
    For each user in your account you can select a phone number for free. Some limitations apply. 
  4. Unlimited chat history
    View customer and Team conversations beyond the 10,000 message limit set by the free plan.
  5. No Sonetel logo on your chat
    Remove the Sonetel logo from the Sonetel website chat widget.
  6. Connect Twitter account for free
    Connect one Twitter account for free and respond to DMs using the Sonetel app. Each additional Twitter connection is charged $25 per month.
  7. More Conference call participants
    Free Conference Calls for up to 25 participants (instead of 4)
  8. Text-to-speech for voice app
    Create custom messages to be played when someone calls your Sonetel number. Up to 10 free messages can be created per user.
  9. More data storage
    Instead of only 2 GB for your entire company for storing call recordings and files shared in Conversations, you get 100 GB per team member.
  10. Faster support
    Priority treatment by Sonetel Customer Service


The free call value of $30 is calculated based on the regular call prices without any discounts.
You must maintain a positive prepaid balance to be able to make and forward free calls with Premium.
Premium may not be used if you make/receive calls from a call center or connect the Sonetel service to your own PBX. Read more.
If you use Call back with any of our apps, please note that Call back generates two local calls; One in your country and one in the country you are calling to. These local calls may be free or discounted if you have Premium. Check prices here to see if calls to the destination and to your mobile are free or discounted.