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For website developers

Are you building websites for small businesses? Would you like to get additional revenue – for years to come – from each customer?

You can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars extra per customer, with only a few minutes of extra initial effort.


How it works

  1. Add a chat widget
    Add our free chat widget to your customer’s website. It just takes a few minutes.
  2. Your customer gets
    Your customer gets a free service for handling their customer dialogue – which makes them look professional and increases their sales. They also get $10 free credit.
  3. You get
    You can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per customer. You get a guaranteed payment of $20 for each website + 10% of what the customer spends with us across 5 years.


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Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it difficult to get started?
    No. Your customers can start using the service instantly. No training is required. If they have any questions, we are happy to answer them.
    Your only effort is to inform the customer, and add the chat widget to their website.
  2. How can we pay commission on a free service?
    A good portion of all active customers opt to buy add-on services or upgrade to Premium. This is where we get our revenue, and this is what we would like to share with you.


What does your customer get?

Your customer gets a free service that helps small businesses increase sales and save time by giving them an instant, professional interface for handling incoming customer questions.

The service includes;

  • A free chat widget
    For your customer’s website. Allows visitors to ask questions.
  • Free apps
    Mobile apps and a desktop app for the team in your customer’s organization that answer incoming customer questions.
  • Free Facebook Messenger integration,
    Allows your customer to connect their Facebook page to Sonetel for free, and handle all customer questions in the same place.
  • A free international business phone number
    In any country of choice, with call forwarding worldwide.
  • Free Artificial Intelligence
    Our free AI suggests answers to incoming customer questions, which saves time for your customer’s team.

Please note that our AI-solution is not to be confused with chat bots. Our AI helps the team members in the small business, and does not talk directly to the end customer.

In addition to the above, your customer gets $10 free credit as a welcome bonus.


Short overview

Here is a short introduction to the free service that your customers would get.