Business package for phone numbers

Upgrade your phone number with the business package at $4.99 per month to get more out of your Sonetel number.



What are the benefits?

  • $10 worth of FREE calls & call forwarding.
    Make and receive free calls for up to $10 every month.
  • 20% discount on all calls.
    Additionally, enjoy discounts on all calls including incoming calls to toll-free numbers.
  • Show your number when calling
    Display your local Sonetel number to your customers when you call them and increase trust.
  • Up to 60 simultaneous calls
    Never miss a call from your customers by handling more calls at the same time.
  • Call recording
    Keep a recording of your calls for future reference.
  • Voice response & Voicemail
    Offer callers to your Sonetel phone numbers a menu saying “For sales press 1. For support press 2”. If you are unable to answer calls, allow your callers to leave you a voicemail.
  • Text-to-speech for voice app
    Create custom messages to be played when someone calls your Sonetel number. Up to 5 free messages can be created with each Business package.
  • Call queues
    Handle multiple calls efficiently using call queues.
  • Technical support
The $10 free credit is only applicable if the phone number on which the Business package has been enabled is used as the caller ID for outgoing calls or receives an incoming call that is forwarded to your mobile or landline.


When you make a Callback call, the $10 free credit only applies to the 2nd part of the call (when our system calls the person you wish to speak to). The first part of the call (when our system calls you) is not free with the business package.


How to activate?

Log in to your Sonetel account, click on your avatar on the bottom left of the screen and go to Company settings -> Phone numbers. Click on Upgrade next to the phone number.


Business package renews every month on the anniversary of your phone number subscription.