Customer service setup

How to install the free chat widget

Add the free Sonetel chat widget to your website. This allows prospects and customers to ask questions to you and your team. The questions will appear in the Sonetel web app and mobile apps and can be answered easily by your team with the assistance of our AI.



Get Started

The chat widget is only visible when you want it to be. You can easily change the way it looks and behaves.

The free Sonetel chat widget

To add the chat widget to your web site, start the web app and click on the settings icon bottom left. Then go to Company settings -> Customer Service – >Website chat -> Integration

This page contains what you need for integrating the widget in your web site.

Optional installation methods:

  • Widget code
    Copy this code and add it to the bottom of the <body> section of your web site.Once you have done that, please wait for some time and our system will automatically detect that the chat widget is installed in your website.
  • Weebly
    If you have your website hosted by Weebly, then you can use the Sonetel app in the Weebly app store. Adding the widget to your website just takes a few clicks.
  • WordPress
    If you run your website on WordPress, you can use Sonetel’s plugin.
  • Wix
    If you host your website on Wix, please follow these instructions for embedding custom code to add our chat widget to your website.