Phone Numbers

Are there different types of numbers?

There are City numbers, National numbers, Toll-free numbers and Mobile numbers. 

  • City numbers
    Belong to a specific city, village or area. They have an area code that identifies the city, such as 347 (New York) or 203 (London). This makes it possible for people in that country to easily recognize the number as a ”Stockholm number” or ”Brussels number”. Most countries have city numbers.
  • National numbers
    Belong to a specific country. Some countries – like Denmark and Estonia – only have National numbers and no City numbers, while other countries – like Germany, the Netherlands – have both City numbers and National numbers. In the latter case, National numbers are commonly used by businesses.
  • Toll-free numbers – or 800-numbers
    Are available in many countries such as the USA, United Kingdom and many others. It is generally free for the caller to call a Toll free number – as long as they call within their own country. The company that answers the calls pays the call on behalf of the caller, so it is more expensive to receive calls on toll free numbers than on other types of numbers.
  • Mobile numbers
    Mobile numbers are numbers that are usually used in cell phones and connected to SIM-cards. Sonetel can offer Mobile numbers in a handful of countries. These numbers are not connected to any SIM-card and can be used in the same way as City numbers and National number.


Mobile numbers, as well as city numbers in the USA, Canada and most cities in the UK can receive SMS.

Most types of numbers in most countries can also be dedicated to Fax-to-email.

You can check what numbers we have in each country, and what capabilities they have, in our price list.