AI Services

AI Credits

Every time you use one of our AI services, we will deduct AI-credits from your Sonetel account. 

In this article we will explain everything you need to know about AI-credits.


How many AI-credits do I have?

The amount of AI-credits you have depends on what plan you have,

  • Free account
    1,000 free credits are given when you sign up. Anyone in your team can use them. 
  • Premium plan
    1,000 AI credits per user and month. Credits are added to a shared pool. If you have 7 users in your Sonetel account, you will get 7,000 AI credits to share. At the monthly anniversary of the date you subscribed to Premium, your AI credits will be restored to 7,000. Unused credits are lost. 
  • Business plan
    5,000 AI credits per user and month – in a shared pool. So if you have 7 users, you will have 35,000 AI credits for joint use monthly.

You can change your plan and see prices here.


What happens when I am out of AI credits?

In the Free and Premium plan, AI services will stop working when you are out of AI credits.

In the Business plan, AI services will continue working. AI-credits will automatically be refilled by charging your Sonetel prepaid account with $1 for 100 AI credits. If your prepaid account is empty, the AI services will stop working.


What do the AI services cost?

Here are the charges we deduct from your AI-credits.


AI Service AI credits
Write Meeting Minutes 75
Generate list of blog titles 5
Write blog article 50
Rewrite blog article 10
Write company description 5
Voicemail summary 10


Please note that a company description and list of suggested blog titles is generated automatically when you either sign up with a business email, or give us your web address.


Can I see the charges?

Yes, you can see the AI credits deducted from your account in the Usage page in your account settings.

You can see your remaining AI-credits here.