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Have your own local phone number in any city or country worldwide. Showing a local number to visitors at your web site increases trust and sales. Incoming calls are forwarded anywhere worldwide at the cost of a local call.

From $1.49/month.

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We believe that globalization and entrepreneurship are the key drivers for making this planet a better place.

By empowering entrepreneurs in the most remote corners of the world, with a telephone service that removes distance, we hope to contribute to this progress.

Make International business calls at the cost of local calls

Make high quality business calls at the cost of local calls – from any country to any country – using Android or iPhone.
The person you call sees your regular mobile number – or your Sonetel number.

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Sonetel News

Explore whats happening in Sonetel’s global sphere
10 January 2018

An exciting year ahead

  Sonetel was last year listed at Nasdaq First North Stockholm and recognized by Deloitte – for the 2nd year in a row – as one of Europe’s fastest growing companies… Read More

9 January 2018

Price changes for phone numbers

The renewal fees for Sonetel phone numbers will increase February 1st 2018. Sonetel is making significant investments into its global service platform and organization. New features requested by many customers are being.. Read More

Sonetel Perspective

About things that matter
8 March 2016

Why I fight for woman’s rights

By Henrik Thomé, CEO and founder of Sonetel. The endless sorrow and pain is clearly visible in her eyes. She listens politely to the questions from the politicians that have.. Read More

22 October 2015

How to say goodbye to extreme poverty

The fact that the richest 1% of the world owns more than half of the world’s wealth is making a lot of people upset. Mark Goldring, Oxfam UK’s chief executive.. Read More