Company settings

Company profile

Update your company information such as name, website and logo.

These details are used by our different services. The company name and logo are shown in the Business Messenger at your website (a chat widget for handling customer questions) while the company name and website are used by our AI services to automatically prepare a description of your company. This description is used by the AI to understand your business when offering various services.



To access the company profile, go to Company Settings (in the web app, click on the settings icon bottom left) and then go to General Settings -> Company Profile

  • Company name
    Enter the company name of your business.
  • Company website
    Enter the company website of your business.
  • Company description
    Automatically derived from your website by our AI-services. It is used by the AI to understand your company while providing different services such as the blog writer. You can always ask it to rewrite the description with specific instructions by clicking on the edit button .
  • Logotype
    Upload the logotype or image for your company.