SIP calls

Caller ID (CLI) on outbound SIP calls

Showing your phone number (CLI) to the person you are calling is critical if you want to get high answer rates on your outbound calls.

You can show your phone numbers as as your caller ID in outgoing calls, by following these instructions.


Using Sonetel numbers as caller ID

If you have a  Sonetel phone number that can be used as caller ID (most can), you can send that number in the ‘From’ header in the SIP INVITE. Our system will use that phone number as the caller ID.

The phone number should be in the international +E164 number format.

Phone numbers can only be used as caller ID if you have a paid plan. You also need to upload proof of ID and address to your account.



Using other numbers as caller ID

If you own phone numbers outside Sonetel, and wish to use them as your caller ID please contact We will get back to you with the details.

To show a number outside Sonetel as your Caller ID, your SIP server should be assigned a static IP address.