Telephony setup


You can receive SMS on some types of numbers that we provide. It is however not yet possible to send SMS with our service.

All mobile numbers (except the ones listed below) that you purchase from Sonetel as well as city numbers in Canada, Czech Republic and United States support SMS.

We deliver these SMS messages to you by email (SMS-to-Email). Emails are sent to the user that the Sonetel phone number is connected to.

We are planning to add the ability to send and receive SMS in our apps, but this function is not available yet.

It is free to receive SMS on your phone numbers, but there is a fair usage restriction.


Mobile numbers that do not support SMS

Mobile numbers from the following countries do not support SMS.

  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Ghana
  • Lithuania
  • Nicaragua
  • Denmark


Not receiving SMS?

If you are not receiving SMS-to-email, this may be caused by either of the following factors.

  • Test Number
    We do not allow numbers to be used for identity validation if you haven’t purchased them. Please purchase the number and try again.
  • Account not verified
    If you haven’t verified your account yet, you cannot receive SMS-to-email.
  • Went to spam inbox
    Check your email spam inbox to see if the SMS delivery ended up there. Add to your safe senders list.