Paying with Credit Card

You can refill your Sonetel Prepaid account with VISA or Mastercard.

To refill your account with a credit card, follow these steps:

  • Sign in
    Sign in at
  • Select “Manage company”
    Click on your photo, bottom left in the screen and select Manage company.

  • Billing
    Select Billing
  • Refill
    Click on Refill.
  • Payment method
    Select New payment method and then click on the credit card option

On the page that follows, enter these details:

  1. Name on card
    Enter the card holders name as printed on the card.
  2. Card number.
    The 16 digit card number
  3. Security code (CVV).
    The last 3 digits on the back of your card.
  4. Expiry dat
    Select the card’s expiry month and year.


Auto refill

Once you have added a payment method, you also have the option of activating Autorefill.

Auto refill means that we can refill your Sonetel Prepaid account automatically from your Credit card whenever your balance falls under a level that you define – with an amount that you define. This negates the need for you to sign in and make refill your Sonetel account manually.

The Autorefill option can also be activated and configured on the Prepaid account page once you have made a payment with a credit card or PayPal.

While saving your credit card with Sonetel, your bank may require you to complete 3D-Secure authentication the first time. If this step is not completed, the payment may be declined and the card will not be saved.
In case you face issues with 3D secure payments, please contact your bank.



Sonetel is certified in accordance with the PCI-DSS standard. We do not store the card number or any other sensitive information in our own systems.

Our communication with our payment service provider (Bambora) is encrypted.