Specification of service charges

You can see details of all service charges on the Usage page in the Web app. The data can be downloaded as CSV files for offline analysis.


The Usage page allows you to filter on the type of Usage records you want to see – for any date range of preference.


Filters available

You can narrow down the search to the specific type of usage records you want to see by using the filters.


Date range

You can set a from and to date, to only see the records within the range set.


Type of usage charges


The following filters and sub-filters are available for narrowing down your search of Usage records.



See all type of usage and charges.


Number purchase fees

See on-time fees applied when buying a phone number. Most phone numbers do not have any purchase fee, but only monthly/annual charges.


Subscription fees

See recurring charges applied for your subscriptions. Use either of the following additional filters:

  • All
    See all subscription fees.
  • Phone number subscription.
    Renewal fees for phone numbers you have via Sonetel.
  • Premium subscription.
    Renewal fees for the Premium plan.
  • Business subscription.
    Renewal fees for the Business plan.



See details for all calls made. Use either of the following filters to narrow your search.

  • All
    See both outbound and inbound calls.
  • Outbound call
    Calls you make to mobiles and landlines worldwide. Also includes call forwarding of incoming calls to landlines or mobile numbers.
  • Inbound call
    Per minute call charges for toll free calls, that are free for the caller to call – but where the owner of the number has an extra per minute charge.


Other usage

See charges for any of the other service types offered. Select a sub-filter to narrow your search.

  • All
  • Web call
    Calls between team members using Sonetel apps is generally free.
  • Incoming fax.
  • Incoming SMS
  • IVR menu
    Use of Voice apps when it isn’t included free.
  • Company voicemail
  • Voice app recording
    Recording of greeting messages etc over the phone. This is generally free – except for the regular call charge.
  • Voice app call thru
    This is a special function in Voice apps that is generally not visible to users. You should not expect to see any charges for this.
  • Overuse.
    Charges for usage beyond the allowed limit in packages and plans.
  • Voicemail for user
    Normal use is free.
  • Conference
    For usage above the free limit.


Resulting list of usage charges

The resulting list that you will get looks something like this:

By clicking on a record in the list, you can see the details.


Download a data CSV file

Use the CSV button on the Usage page to download the usage records for offline analysis in Excel or any other tool of choice.