Cloud Numbers

Cloud numbers are regular phone numbers that can be purchased online. The only difference is that they are not hard wired to any physical phone line nor to any SIM card.

In this article we will explain what a Cloud Number is. We will also go through how you can get one.



The many names of Cloud Numbers

Cloud numbers can also be called Virtual Phone numbers, Online numbers or DID-numbers.

In practice – they are all the same thing; A phone number that you can subscribe to online, and use for receiving and making calls.

The only difference compared to standard phone numbers, is that cloud numbers are not hardwired to any physical phone line coming into your home or office. Nor are they connected to any SIM card that you can put in your mobile phone.

They usually come with flexible settings for configuring call forwarding.


In the cloud

The term “cloud” refers to the fact that the functionality of the phone number is handled “in the cloud“. This basically means that somebody-else’s computer handles your phone number  – negating the need for you to purchase or manage any hardware yourself.


“Cloud” also refers to the fact that the functionality of the phone number can be controlled by you via the Internet – by use of a browser or app –  and that calls also can travel across the Internet.


Still connected to the old world

While “Cloud numbers” may sound as something that only lives on the Internet, these numbers still connect to the old standard telephone network (PSTN).

  • Anyone can call a cloud number
    Cloud numbers aren’t different from regular phone numbers. Anyone can call a cloud number from their mobile or landline – just as if calling a regular number. They will not notice any difference.
  • Call forwarding to regular numbers
    A cloud number can be configured to forward incoming calls to regular mobile numbers or landlines.



How to get a cloud number

Cloud numbers are available from a variety of providers worldwide, at different price ranges, and with different quality and functionality.

From Sonetel it is possible to get a number in a country of choice, from $1.79 per month.

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Photo by Ivan LapyrinJordan Harrison and Jon Ly on Unsplash