How to use Sonetel’s Callback API

The Sonetel Callback API can be used to make calls from your own apps anywhere in the world using Sonetel’s callback service.


How does it work?

When you request a callback call, Sonetel calls you on a number you specify (your mobile or landline number) and then calls the destination number you want to call, automatically connecting the two calls.

The number you’re calling from and the destination you want to call can be from anywhere in the world.

What does it cost?

The person who initiates the callback call pays the cost of a local call to both numbers that are called. If the person you call does not answer, you are only charged for the first call to your phone number.

What Caller ID is shown to the person I call?

The API also allows you to set the Caller Id shown to the destination. You can either use a Sonetel number (eligible to be shown as Caller Id) in your account or a number that you own and have verified with Sonetel, such as your mobile number.

How can I get started?

The callback API specification is available here.

You are required to get a user access token via the Sonetel token service to authorize API requests. You can choose to get a separate user token for each user in your account.

You must sign-up for a Sonetel account and have credit in your account to make calls.


Photo by Romain V on Unsplash