Phone number for WhatsApp

You can use a Sonetel phone number for your WhatsApp account.

Avoid sharing your private mobile number with your customers. Have a separate phone number for the WhatsApp account used by your business.

In this article we will explain the simple steps you need to take to get a low cost phone number within minutes.


How to get a phone number for WhatsApp

Follow these steps.

  • Select a number
    You can select a number and sign up here.
  • Pay for the number
    Pay for the number after signing up. Prices start from $1.79 per month. Please note that only paid numbers can be used for signing up with WhatsApp. In trial mode, sign up PINs from WhatsApp will be blocked.
  • Provide your billing address
    Ensure that you enter your billing address and ID number. Accounts lacking this information cannot be used with WhatsApp.
  • Sign up with WhatsApp
    Sign up for a new WhatsApp account using your Sonetel number.


We cannot guarantee that the sign-up PIN from WhatsApp will reach you. If it doesn’t there is unfortunately no way for us to solve it.



We allow our phone numbers to be used for creating WhatsApp accounts under these conditions:

  • One WhatsApp account
    You can only use one Sonetel phone number for creating one WhatsApp account. The creation of multiple Sonetel accounts for the set-up of many WhatsApp accounts is prohibited.
  • Long term communication
    Your WhatsApp account should be used for your personal or business communication over a longer period of time.

Breaking these rules may lead to a permanent suspension of your Sonetel account and the loss of any phone numbers in your account.