How to upload recordings

Upload a recording from your mobile

If you have a recording from a meeting on your mobile phone, follow these steps to get Meeting Minutes generated.

First, download the free Sonetel app.

Optionally you can also go to the web app.



Sign in and go to the Meeting minutes

After signing up or signing in with your regular Sonetel account, click on the AI Helper icon and then select Meeting minutes from the menu above.

It may take a few moments to load the Meeting Minutes view as the mobile app opens a browser towards our web spp.


Click on “+”

Once Meeting Minutes view has loaded, click on the “+” icon in the upper right corner.

This will open a dialogue box for selecting a file in your mobile or available in any of the file services you have installed (Dropbox etc.).

Select the file and it will be uploaded. Meeting minutes will be available after a few minutes.