AI Meeting Minutes

Get perfect minutes written from your meeting recordings. From $9.95 per month.

How it works

Upload audio or video recordings from meetings, and have perfect meeting minutes ready within moments.

The minutes include a crisp summary, a bulleted list of agreements and suggestions made, action items and a summary of each topic discussed.

You can also get a transcription from the meeting if you want.

Copy the minutes and send them to the participants directly after the meeting.

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Save time

Documenting meetings is a time-intensive process.

Frequent company meetings can result in senior staff dedicating extensive hours each week on documentation.

With our AI Meeting Minutes service, your team can reallocate this time to other valuable tasks.

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Capture the value

Your organization’s meetings signify a significant investment.

Without proper documentation of agreements, suggestions, and action items, these critical components often vanish over time.

This leads to a waste of your investment.

Use our Automated Meeting Minutes to prevent the loss of innovative ideas, enhance understanding of agreed-upon items, and guarantee accountability.


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{{457263 | number }} companies in 239 countries have Sonetel

We believe that globalization and entrepreneurship are the key drivers for making this planet a better place.

By empowering entrepreneurs in the most remote corners of the world, with communication solutions that remove distance and levels the playing field, we hope to contribute to this progress.

About 200,000 out of those that have signed up – across 170 countries – have also become paying customers.

This site is dedicated to our AI Meeting Minutes service. Our services for small businesses can be found here.

Your data is safe

We follow GDPR and take your privacy very seriously.

Files, minutes and transcriptions are encrypted both when transferred and stored. 

No one can access your recordings or minutes without your approval.

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Understands your business

Our AI will read your website and create a summary for itself before writing your meeting minutes. 

This ensures that all minutes are written with an understanding of what type of business you are in, what type of customers you serve – and where.

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Any type of meeting

MS Teams, Zoom, and Google Hangouts enable video meeting recordings.

To get the meeting minutes, download the video, then upload it to Sonetel.

For in-person meetings, use your mobile to record the audio. Place the mobile on the table, then upload the recording through the Sonetel mobile app after the meeting.

The service accommodates meetings up to 10 hours long.

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Low cost

The free plan allows you to test the service for free and generate 13 meeting minutes.

Premium costs $9.95 per user and month on annual renewal. Each user gets up to 13 meeting minutes per month.

The Business plan costs $29.95 per month and allows each user to capture up to 65 meetings per month.

Enterprise plans with integration capabilities are available for large usage. Contact us.


AI Meeting Minutes