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Invite your team

Add your staff to your Sonetel account, so that they can answer customer questions and take part of internal discussions.


Invite from the mobile app

Click on the People icon and click on Invite people to team.

You will be offered to invite team members with the following options.

  • Invite by email.
    Enter one of many email addresses.
  • Invite by SMS.
    Enter mobile numbers of team members.
  • Invite from Contacts.
    Invite Team members from the contacts in your mobile phone.


Invite from the web app

Sign in to the web app and click on the People icon.

In the Team view, click on the icon for inviting people – in the upper right corner of the view.

You can invite people by adding email addresses or mobile numbers.


The new team members will be added as Regular users once they join. You can change them to Administrators (with access to Account settings) in the Web app by editing their profile