Free Suggested answers

Train the Sonetel AI

Sonetel’s Artificial Intelligence solution helps your customer service team save time by suggesting answers that can be forwarded to your customers – for free.  

The automation level (the time saving for your customer service team) is about 15-20% “out of the box” and then gradually improves to up to 25-50% over time – as more data becomes available. If you want to boost the automation level right away – and get additional savings in time and money now – here are the options.


Option 1: Upload FAQ

Provide us with a file with frequently asked questions and answers which we use to train our AI.

  • You provide the file
    You provide a text file with common questions from your customers and what answer you want to have suggested. Write the answers as-if written by the agent on the fly. Too lengthy texts will feel “canned” and robotic. Keep it personal!
  • We upload it
    We apply it in the the module so that suggested answers start appearing when any customer asks a frequently asked question.
  • Price $299
    Includes up to 3 updates within 1 month.


Option 2: Upload historical conversations

Provide us with a file containing historical text based customer conversations that you have had in some other system. We use it to train our AI.

  • You provide the file.
    We need it in a text format. It must be possible to differentiate between messages that come from your customer and which come from your employee. Before sharing the data with us, please remove any sensitive information.
  • We audit the file and apply it
    If the file has a format that allows us to process it, we will upload it into our AI-engine. 
  • Price $399
    Includes up to 3 updates of the file within 1 month..


Option 3: Professional service

Our data scientists and engineers work directly with your customer service team to review the data you have and suggest ways to gain higher automation levels. We clean the data and set up the system to handle the specific business conditions that apply to your business.

We charge $800 per person day for work.


Contact to get started.
We cannot guarantee any specific results, as the results depend on the data you provide to us.