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How to connect Bria solo (X-lite) to Sonetel

Bria solo (formerly X-lite) is a popular 3rd party SIP phone that can be connected to Sonetel for making and receiving calls. It works with Windows and Mac.

Here are the instructions for how to connect Bria solo Free to Sonetel.


  1. Start
    Start Bria solo
  2. Account settings
    Click on Softphone menu and select Account settings
  3. Fill in these details on the Accounts page
    1. Account name
      Enter Sonetel
    2. User ID
      Enter the first part of the user’s email address. For example, if email address is enter john.smith
    3. Domain
      Enter the domain in the user’s email address (i.e. the email address used as Sonetel user ID). For example, if email address is enter
    4. Password
      Enter the user’s Sonetel password.
    5. Display name
      What you want to show to people you call. For example, John Smith.
    6. Authorization username
      Enter the same as in User ID (see above)
    7. In the Domain/Proxy section
      1. Register
        Select “Register with domain and receive calls”
      2. Select Proxy
        Enter Proxy address
  4. Enter these details on the Topology page
    1. Firewall traversal
      Select the Firewall traversal method Auto-detect firewall traversal method using ICE
    2. Server address
      In Server address enter
  5. Press OK



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