SIP phones

Get started help with SIP phones

Sonetel’s support does not include help with issues related to the use of 3rd party SIP phones. We are however happy to help you for a small fee.

Our “Get-started-with-your-SIP-phone” service costs $19 and includes up to one hour of work on our side to help you overcome issues with your SIP-phone. Contact us if you want this help.

Things we can help out with;

  • Configure your SIP-device
    We can either give you instructions for what to try or get on a joint session with you to get things working.
  • Troubleshoot
    If audio is missing in one or both directions, or calls disconnect after a while, or do not connect – this is often caused by your local Firewall, NAT or Router. We will do our best to solve the problems.


We cannot guarantee that we can resolve your problems.  Many SIP-phone related problems depend on the 3rd party phone itself, your firewall, your router, your Internet connection and equipment managed by your Internet provider etc.
We will notify you when we have used up the 1 hour included. If we are unsuccessful in resolving your issues during the 1 hour included, you have the option of getting additional help for $35 per hour. Let us know if you want this assistance, and how many hours we max may spend on trying to resolve the issue.

We will need to see sufficient funds for paying for the max hours in your prepaid balance before we can commence the work, but will only charge your account for hours actually spent. The remainder can be used for our services or be refunded – dependent on your preferences.

The service fees for providing the assistance is non-refundable regardless if we resolve the issue(s) or not.
Our support does not include help with issues related to the use of SIP phones. We can however help you for a small extra charge. Contact us if you need assistance.