Configuration guides for SIP phones

How to connect Groundwire SIP phone to Sonetel

Groundwire is a popular 3rd party SIP phone that can be connected to Sonetel for making and receiving calls. It works with iPhone and Android.

You can download the latest version for iPhone here and for Android here.

Here are the instructions for how to connect a Groundwire softphone to Sonetel.


  1. Allow push notifications
    During installation, select to Allow push notifications
  2. Select Sonetel
    In New SIP account select Sonetel from the list
  3. Parameters to enter:
    1. Username
      The first part of your email address. For example, If your address is, enter john.smith here
    2. Password
      Your Sonetel password
    3. Domain
      The second part of your email address. For example, if your address is, enter here


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