Set up a SIP trunk

Checklist for SIP trunk setup

Follow these steps to get your SIP trunk operational.

  1. Get a free account
    Sign up for a free Sonetel account.
  2. Send us your IPs for outbound calls
    Send us the IP addresses of your SIP servers so that we can whitelist them on our side for allowing outbound calls.
  3. Configure your SIP server for outbound calls
    Configure your PBX or SIP server to use the Sonetel SIP trunk for outbound calls.
  4. Port old numbers
    If you have existing phone numbers, move these to the SIP trunk.
  5. Buy new numbers
    If you need additional numbers, buy numbers in a country and city of choice.
  6. Configure numbers for inbound calls
    Configure the phone numbers to send calls to your SIP server/PBX.
  7. Configure your SIP server for inbound calls
    Configure your SIP equipment so that it can handle the incoming calls from Sonetel.
  8. Whitelist our IPs in your Firewall
    Make sure that our servers are allowed to send SIP signaling and audio to your servers.

Let us know if you need any assistance. We are here to help.



Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash