Set up a SIP trunk

Port your old numbers to your SIP trunk

You can port (move) your old phone numbers to your Sonetel SIP trunk in many countries. 

After porting your phone numbers to your SIP trunk, they will get the same capabilities as new numbers that you purchase from us.

Prices for porting phone numbers to Sonetel can be found here.

If you are porting a number from one of the countries listed below, a photo ID of the person registered with the service provider is required. If the number is registered to a company then the photo ID of the company’s legal representative is required.


To check if your existing phone numbers can be ported to us, contact our customer service and let us know what phone number that you would like to port.

If you move a mobile number to Sonetel it will become a virtual mobile number. This means that we will not be able to provide a SIM card for your number. Calls will be received and made from your number via your SIP trunk instead.