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We use cookies at Sonetel. According to the Electronic Communications Act (2003: 389), anyone visiting a website with cookies must receive information about the purpose of the processing and is given an opportunity to prevent such processing. If you have questions regarding the cookies used on, please contact us at


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that contain information and which is stored on your computer.

There are two types of cookies, persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies remain on the user’s computer until the user removes them or the expiration date expires and the user returns to Some persistent cookies can be used to track a user’s visit to multiple websites. Session cookies are missing expiration date and stored temporarily in the user’s computer while the user visits The session cookies disappear when the user closes its browser.


How visitors can handle cookies

Users can choose whether and to what extent cookies should be stored on the user’s computer through the user’s browser settings. Through the browser, the user can also delete previously stored cookies.

Read more about cookies on the Swedish Post and Telecom Authorities’ website


Why does Sonetel use cookies?

We use cookies at Sonetel to give our users a better user experience. We also use cookies for our statistical tools and other tools where we collect anonymous user information as part of our work to improve our digital services. If the user does not allow cookies, the site will work, but the user may experience a poorer user experience.


Which cookies are used on

At Sonetel we use the following cookies:

  • First party cookies: Cookies which are placed by
  • Third party cookies: Cookies which are placed by a third party’s website.

Below follows a list over the cookies we use at Sonetel.


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