AI Suggested answers

What are Suggested answers?


Suggested answers help your customer service team save time.

The suggested answers are presented to your team members, in the Sonetel apps, when they are handling customer conversations.

Your team members decide if the suggested answers are good enough or not. If they are, the team member can forward the suggested answer to your customer with a click.

We are not providing a chat bot solution. We do not send anything directly to your customers. Our suggestions are given to your team members.



The Sonetel AI checks each customer message

Whenever your customer sends you a text message via the Business Messenger at your website – or via some other text based channel –  our AI system (Artificial Intelligence) will detect the language of the message and then pass the message to a number of underlying AI-modules.

The data used by the AI-modules to create suggestions include:

  • Your chat history
    Your company’s historical customer conversations.
  • FAQ
    If we find a page with Frequently Asked Questions at your website, we’ll download them and store them. If we receive similar questions from your customers, we’ll suggest the corresponding answer. It is possible to get the FAQ uploaded manually to get higher automation levels faster.
  • Data from your website
    Data is extracted automatically from your website after you sign up.
  • Standard phrases
    We have trained the model on large quantities of real life customer dialogues, to be able to suggest optimal phrases at certain common turns in the dialogue.

The modules only provide suggestions if they feel really confident about their suggestion.

This means that you may get no suggestions or multiple suggestions.



The suggestions (if any) will appear in the Sonetel app below the text message received from your customer. Suggestions are the same language as the message from the customer.



You decide what to pass onward to the customer

Your customer support team members can decide on a case by case basis if they want to pass the suggestion onward to the customer or not. This means that they save time not having to manually type an answer.

You can always edit the suggested answer before sending it to the customer.

This means that your team stays in control over the quality in your customer communication.


Instant saving

You can save about 10-20% of your time “out of the box” by using suggested answers. These savings can increase over time, as our system learns more about your business.