Call recording

What does Call Recording cost?

Call recording is FREE for all Sonetel customers that have purchased a phone number or added money to their Sonetel prepaid accountFair usage limitations apply to the free usage.

  • Regular accounts
    • can make 10 free recordings per month
    • have 1 GB free storage. This storage is shared among all Users in your account.
  • Premium accounts
    • can make 1,000 free recordings per month
    • have 100 GB  free storage per User in the account + 100 GB free storage for recordings that are not related to any User in your account.
  • Over-usage above the free limit is charged with $0.29 per call for the first 1,000 recordings. Additional recordings are charged with $0.03 per call.


You will be charged $1 per month for each started GB that is beyond the free allowance.
As an example, if you have a regular account and and have 1.2 GB of recorded files in total, you will be charged $1 for the 0.2 GB which is above the allowed limit.
1 GB is enough for storing about 2 000 minutes of call recordings.

You can see the current usage of storage in the Call Recording configuration for your account.