Suggested Answers API

Use an API for adding Suggested Answers to any CRM

Use an API to get Suggested Answers for your customer service agents while they handle customer inquiries. This is a quick way to reduce the work effort.

The suggested answers are generated by Sonetel’s Artificial Intelligence system.  The system uses a variety of machine learning technologies and data sources for each turn in the customer dialogue.

By using Suggested answers you can reduce the work effort for your agents with 10-20% out of the box. For free.

The Sonetel API allows you to add Suggested answers to any User interface (CRM, Helpdesk, Ticketing system etc.) of choice.


How to use the Suggested Answers API

This is how it works.

  1. Connect to our API
    Connect your CRM to our AI platform via our API.
  2. Send us a text message
    Forward any text message that you receive from your customers to our API.
  3. We analyze it
    Our AI module will first identify the language of the message.  It will then distribute it to a range of AI sub-systems that will evaluate if any high quality suggestion can be generated or not.
  4. We provide the suggested answer
    We may return zero, one or multiple suggested answers.
  5. Show suggestions to your agents
    Show the suggested answers to your agent in your CRM or Helpdesk system.  Allow the agents to select if they want to send the message onwards to the customer or not. 
  6. Train the AI
    To boost automation levels, upload your Frequently Asked Questions via our API.

Your agents stay in control over the dialogue with the customer, but avoids having to re-type common messages.


If you need assistance with the integration, please contact us for a quote.