Set up a SIP trunk

Configure phone numbers for SIP trunking

You can connect your Sonetel phone numbers to your SIP-based server via the Sonetel SIP trunk by follow the below instructions. This will enable inbound calls to your phone numbers to be sent onwards across your SIP trunk to your SIP server.

Phone numbers can be configured in two ways.

  1. Via the customer portal
    The easiest way is to configure numbers is via the Customer portal.
  2. Via our API
    If you want to control the phone number configuration dynamically from your software or internal systems – this can be done via our API.

If you need to configure large amounts of numbers, please contact us for assistance.


Configuring numbers via the Customer portal

Sign in at and go to the Phone numbers page.

Click on a phone number in the list, and then select Call Forwarding.

In the section Send calls to select SIP-address.

In the text field, enter the SIP address to which you want to send the incoming SIP calls.


You can enter the SIP-address in any of the following formats:

Please note that « user » and « » should be replaced with the user name and domain of your SIP-server. Contact your SIP server provider if you have questions about this.
Instead of a domain, you can also use an IP address in the SIP URI.
Your Firewall needs to be configured to allow inbound SIP calls to your equipment. Ask your Firewall provider and SIP server provider for further guidance.
When the numbers are configured, you need to configure the inbound route on your SIP server/PBX to start receiving calls.