Call recording

Call recording is available with phone numbers on the Business Package or that are free with Premium

You can activate call recording on all calls company-wide – or only record on specific Sonetel phone numbers, users or activate recording per call.

Incoming calls can only be recorded on phone numbers with the business package or ones that are free with website or Premium.


Activating call recording

Call recording is disabled by default. To activate call recording in your account, sign in to the web app,  and click on the Settings button and then select Phone numbers -> Call recording.

Here are the options:

  • Enable call recording
    Turn on or off call recording company-wide.
  • What calls should be recorded?
    Record all records all calls (excluding on-net calls between team members).
    Let me select can be set to either All incoming calls or All outgoing calls or Allowed.
    Allowed means that call recording can be activated per phone number or user.


Only activate call recording if you know that recordings can be done without breaking the law in any country touched (your location, the location of the phone number and the location of the other person being recorded).


Where can I find the recordings?

The recordings are currently only available via our old customer Portal. There you can see a list of all your call recordings, listen to them, download them and delete them in the call recording section.

  1. Your Call recordings are shown in the Call Recording section shown after you sign in to our old web portal.
  2. Click on View next to a recording to open it.
  3. You can listen to the recording, download it or delete it.
Admin users can see all call recordings account-wide. Each user can see their personal recordings.
Recorded calls may include the ringing or early media played by local carriers before the call is answered.

Fair usage

Call recording is available to all Sonetel customers that have a phone number free with Premium or have purchased a number with Business Package enabled. Fair usage limitations apply.

  • Regular accounts
    • can make 10 free recordings per month
    • have 1 GB free storage. This storage is shared among all Users in your account.
  • Premium accounts
    • can make 1,000 free recordings per month
    • have 100 GB  free storage per User in the account + 100 GB free storage for recordings that are not related to any User in your account.
  • Over-usage above the free limit is charged with $0.29 per call for the first 1,000 recordings. Additional recordings are charged with $0.03 per call.


You will be charged $1 per month for each started GB that is beyond the free allowance.
As an example, if you have a regular account and have 1.2 GB of recorded files in total, you will be charged $1 for the 0.2 GB which is above the allowed limit.
1 GB is enough for storing about 2 000 minutes of call recordings.

You can see the current usage of storage on the Plan page in web app.