Solve customer problems faster – with AI

Add AI-features to your apps and SaaS-services, even if your team lacks the skills or time.

We handle AI, backend and 24/7 monitoring of services.

You can focus on UX and sales.

Avoid being left behind

Prove to customers and investors that you are leading the game.

Solve customer problems and add value to your apps with AI – right now.

How it works

Define the customer problem.

We will define the steps needed to process the input (text, audio, video) and generate the output (text, audio, video) in a configuration. The configuration will be added to the AI services Engine, which generates an API.

Your app can connect to the API.

We have the skills

We have run SaaS services since 2009 and have been working with AI since 2017.

Over 200,000 paying customers from over 170 countries have been handled by our platform and team

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The AI Services Engine

Any AI technology

The AI Services Engine is integrated with OpenAI, Google, Deepgram and other AI services.

We can easily add support for additional providers and open source technologies in case you have special needs.

Any amount of steps

Each AI service can be defined to handle any amount of steps.

Each step can handle an interaction with an AI or some other processing or logic.

No code

An AI service can be set up without coding, as long as it uses  existing modules.

We generate a configuration file, defining the steps and the prompts – based on your requirements. This is applied to the AI Services Engine – which generates the new AI service and the API that you can use from your app.


We automatically detect language used in any provided input text or audio.

If the language hasn’t been seen before, we will auto-translate prompts to the new language before processing the input data.

This means that we can provide output in any language.

Please note that smaller languages may have lesser quality in the output due to limitations in the AI- services used.

Easy integration

If you want to integrate with some CRM or internal system on your side, this can easily be done, by adding a custom module.

The module can then be reused in any AI services you create.


We are GDPR compliant and ensure that data is safe and handled correctly.

Text, Audio & Video

The AI Services Engine is agnostic to the type of data provided as input and desired as output.

Files are stored in our file manager, negating the need for you to set up and handle data storage.

Texts are stored in our Text manager – which is available via API to allow browsing from your apps.

Mulitple outputs

An AI service can produce multiple outputs to be delivered to different destinations. You may for example provide some results back to the user, while logging something in your CRM and notifying some group in your team via chat, email etc.

Instant scaling

Our system architecture is built for scaling and runs in Amazon Web Services.

Version control

The system has built-in version control for texts generated. This allows your users to undo, and move back to earlier versions in your app interface.

24/7 monitoring

Our Network Operation Centers monitors your AI service 24/7 and ensures uninterrupted services.


The AI services Engine was taken into production mid 2023.

A wide range of AI-services have already been rolled out on top of it, servicing thousands of customers worldwide.