Connect calls to your Cloud IVR apps

How to connect calls to the SIP address of your Cloud IVR

You can send calls to the SIP address of your Cloud IVR app from any destination, across the Internet.

Sonetel’s Cloud IVR solution is based on the SIP standard.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the de facto standard for connecting calls across the Internet. It was invented in the 90’s and is currently used by service providers worldwide, PBX providers, desktop phone providers and software providers. It allows services and equipment from different vendors to work together.


Where can I send SIP calls from?

You can send calls to your Cloud IVR from any SIP equipment of choice. This includes PBXs (phone systems), Call Center servers and more. You can also connect calls from any service provider that you may be using worldwide for inbound calls on local phone numbers.



How can I find the SIP address of my Cloud IVR?

To find the SIP-address of your Cloud IVR, go to the Voice apps page in the Sonetel web app. Hover with the mouse above the Voice app that you want the SIP address of. Select the menu icon on the right hand side. Select the Copy SIP address option from the menu that appears. Paste in the address wherever needed.


The unique ID of each voice app can also be obtained by opening a voice app for edit and copying the last part of the URL to that edit view in your browser.

The SIP address has the following format: <unique id of SIP IVR> – for example




Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash