Getting started

What can I do with the Sonetel API?

The Sonetel API allows you to control and use telephony and chat communication services.

The API is constantly expanded with new features. You can always see the full capabilities in the API documentation.



Sonetel has been delivering business telephony solutions to companies worldwide since over a decade. Our platform serves paying customers in over 170 countries.

Here are the telephony related features offered by the API:

  • Set up phone calls
    Set up two calls and then merge them together. Start a call to yourself or a team member (across the Internet or via the regular phone network). As soon as you or the team member answers, call another phone number anywhere worldwide and merge the calls. Calls can be recorded.
  • Buy and configure phone numbers
    Buy phone numbers anywhere worldwide and configure call forwarding. Buying numbers via the API (instead of via our website) gives you $1 discount per number and month. Change the call forwarding settings of any number whenever you want.
  • Set up and configure IVR (Voice Response)
    Set up voice menus such as “For sales press 1…” and change the configuration whenever needed. To keep things simple, you can create the voice menus via our website, and only change the configuration via the API. Use Text-to-speech to automatically update the voice messages presented to callers based on dynamic data.
  • Manage call recordings
    If you record calls, you can use the API to download and delete recordings. Recordings can also be managed via our website.
  • Configure your Sonetel account
    Configure your company account settings, create users and manage their personal settings for call forwarding, availability and preferences.


Text based customer service

If you provide text based chat support to customers, you can save considerable time and money by using the Sonetel AI.

  • Saves time for your team members
    The Sonetel AI doesn’t talk directly to your customers, but instead acts as an assistant to your team members by providing suggested answers. This means that you retain control over the service quality in the dialogue with the customer – while still getting a good level of automation.
  • Standard and custom responses
    The AI solution uses a combination of standard responses and custom responses adapted for your business.
  • Multilingual
    The AI solution supports 20 languages (with the highest level of automation in English). It automatically detects the language of incoming customer messages and makes suggestions in the corresponding language.
  • 10-15% automation out of the box
    Without training, you can expect the AI to save 10-15% of the time it takes to write messages. With training, you can reach 20-25% automation level.

Sonetel provides a Team inbox and customer service interface for your team, but it is also possible to integrate the technology into your own ticketing or helpdesk system by using the API. Use of the service requires Premium or Business (from $9.95 per month).


AI related features offered by the API

Here are the AI-related functions offered by the API:

  • Train the Sonetel AI (Artificial Intelligence)
    The Sonetel AI can provide suggested answers to your team members when they handle incoming customer questions. Passing these suggested answers onwards to the customer with a click can save substantial time for your team. By uploading common questions and answers specific to your business, you can quickly boost automation levels and save even more time.
  • Integrate the suggestions into any other system
    The API allows you to pass along any text based messages to Sonetel, that you have received from a customer, and receive a suggested answer in return. This allows you to integrate the suggestions into any customer service system of choice.