Telephony API

Make Calls API

Start calls between any two parties by using a simple API.

The Make Calls API allows you to set up calls to two separate endpoints, and then bridge those two calls together.

How to use the Make Calls API

The API can be used to set up a call between yourself – or one of your employees – and any other party.  You can for example set up calls to customers, friends or whoever you want.

You can find the documentation here.

In the API you need to define the following;

  • Call 1
    Define the destination that should be called first and what phone number that should be shown to that party.
  • Call 2
    Define the destination of the 2nd call. This call will be started as soon as Call 1 is answered. Also define what phone number to show to the party called.


Where can calls be made to?

Both call 1 and 2 can be made to different types of destinations.

  • Phone numbers
    Any regular phone numbers worldwide can be called. This will incur local calling charges.
  • SIP-addresses
    Any regular SIP address can be called.
  • Users
    Team members in your account can be called by entering their email address as destination. The User’s own call settings for incoming calls will define how the call is handled from there on.


Setting up calls to an IVR to make robo-calls is strictly prohibited.