Access Token

How does the Sonetel Access Token work?

The Sonetel Access Token gives you access to the Sonetel API. It is based on the OAuth2 standard.

Some of the Sonetel APIs can be accessed without authentication. All API requests that deal with private data such as user details, phone number subscriptions and so on require authentication in the form of a bearer token.

How to get a Sonetel Access token

You can get a temporary token for testing the API in the Web app.

For real “production” use, you will however need to have some code on your side that passes your Sonetel credentials (your email address + Sonetel password) to the Sonetel API. You will get an Access Token in return.

The access token received can thereafter be used as a “key” when accessing Sonetel’s various API functions.


For how long is the token valid?

The Sonetel Access Token has a lifespan of 24 hours after which it is expired. It can however be refreshed.




Photo by Chunli Ju on Unsplash