The SIP address of your SIP IVR

Each Voice app (SIP IVR) has a unique SIP address. This allows you to send calls to your SIP IVRs from any destination. You can for example send calls from your SIP equipment or from another service provider that you may be using for inbound calls.

To find the SIP-address of your SIP IVR go to the Voice apps page in the Sonetel web app. Hover with the mouse above the Voice app that you want the SIP address of. Select the menu icon on the right hand side. Select the “Copy SIP address” option from the menu that appears. Paste in the SIP address wherever needed.


The SIP address has the following format: <unique id of SIP IVR> – for example

The unique ID of each voice app can also be obtained by opening a voice app for edit and copying the last part of the URL to that edit view in your browser.