Paid Plans

What are the benefits?

Free calls to over 40 countries. Free inbound calls on most Sonetel phone numbers. VIP treatment by customer service.

Here is a full list:

  1. Free or cheaper calls and call forwarding
    • Free calls to all mobiles and land lines in USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Thailand, India and Hong Kong.
    • Free calls to land lines in over 30 other countries and to select destinations in many other countries.
    • 25% discount on calls to all other destinations.
  2. Free incoming calls to Sonetel Phone numbers
  3. Free Voice response and Voicemail
  4. Free SMS-to-email
  5. Free Fax-to-email
  6. Priority treatment by Customer Service


Please note that the set-up cost and monthly cost for phone numbers is not included in Premium.